Goats Cheese, Asparagus and Prosciutto Salad

IMG_1027.JPGWe’ve been spending the whole summer trying to get somewhere with our garden.  When we moved in it was overgrown with a massive shed and an outside toilet.  As time has progressed we’ve managed to get rid of all of the plants, have taken down the shed (I’VE NEVER SEEN SO MANY SPIDERS) and smashed up the toilet.

We’re now trying to build up low flower beds for our ‘social young person’s garden’ as Ross calls it.  These flower beds are being built out of recycled bricks from a crumbling wall in the garden that we previously demolished. It’s taking a while as I’m a little bit of a perfectionist; I choose to do it on my own because Ross doesn’t like to use levels and when I do force him to use them he has the attitude of “that’ll do” which drives me crazy.  Problem is, it’s difficult to achieve perfection with recycled bricks as they are so wonky!

I’ve had a few tantrums but I’ve finally got somewhere with this wall and I’m nearing the finish line.  I think I’ve done pretty well too considering I’ve got no previous experience with bricklaying!!  There’s still a long way to go but we’ll keep cracking on as best we can.  I’ve included pictures at the bottom of the page to show you what I’m on about.

Last week we had spent the whole morning in the garden trying to make a dent in all the work we have to do out there, including this stupid wall and we both needed a pick me up.  Instead of doing our usual and making a toastie, I had some leftover asparagus in the fridge that needed eating up so I made use of it.


Its a very light lunch but with plenty of flavour.  The combinations are pretty classic and worked beautifully.  I added a little balsamic to my salad which I don’t think it needed personally but maybe you may enjoy having a dash of it, hence why I’ve added it to the recipe.  We also ate it with a boiled egg each which I think worked really well too and added a little more substance (egg also keeps you fuller for longer) – so add a boiled egg if you fancy it.

I took all the fat of the prosciutto as I’ve never really liked the thought of eating pieces of fat.  I also don’t see the point of eating it if it tastes good without it?  Down to discretion really, I’ve said my bit.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend and have a go at this salad, it’s really too good to miss.


Goats Cheese, Asparagus and Prosciutto Salad
From the kitchen of mrswallscooks.wordpress.com


Serves 2
75 g smoked prosciutto
125 g asparagus
120 g watercress and rocket (washed)
2 thick slices of soft goats cheese
1 tbsp balsamic (optional)


Prepare the prosciutto by pulling away the fat from each piece and tearing it into strips.  Remove the woody ends from the asparagus by bending the end and letting it snap naturally.  Then cut each asparagus spear into three.
Fry the asparagus gently in a small frying pan for roughly 10 minutes until they are softened whilst moving the pieces around in the pan to ensure they are evenly cooked.  In the last minute add the prosciutto to heat through slightly.
Add the asparagus and prosciutto to a medium mixing bowl with the salad leaves and mix gently.  Serve and top with a crumbled slice of goats cheese on each salad.  Season as needed.

Did you love my Goats Cheese, Asparagus and Prosciutto Salad?

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