Edible Cookie Dough

Don’t underestimate the power of cookie dough.  It’s my go to when I’ve had a bad day or I need a pick me up. You can eat it as it is, make little balls of cookie dough goodness or add it to a fabulous creation of your own.  It was recently described to me as fudgey, I just think it’s like heaven.  It is so easy to make too (three foolproof steps!!).

Whenever I bake, I always find myself eating the batter or dough before I even manage to get it in to cook and lets not forget licking the bowl out after too.  There’s always an element of guilt though as I’ve been told time and time again, that eggs can make you very ill (my sister had salmonella from eating cake mixture).  Fortunately I took this into account and there are NO EGGS in this recipe!  Please note though that from research I believe eating uncooked flour can pose a very small risk (you have been warned).

It can keep in the fridge or even the freezer.  I think it’s so much better if you chill it before eating, so try and hold off eating it for as long as you can…. I know… a big challenge!


Edible Cookie Dough 


115 g unsalted butter
160 g soft light brown sugar
130 g plain flour
100 g  milk chocolate chips (or finely chopped milk chocolate)
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
2 tbsp milk


Mix the butter and sugar together until both are combined well (no lumpy bits of butter).
Add the flour, it should create a really thick dough.  Mix in both the vanilla essence and the milk.
Mix the chocolate chips through the dough then chill before serving.

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