Herb Crazy! 

Slightly different post today but hopefully still relevent!

A little bit about my life:  Me and Ross are currently renovating a Victorian terrace that we bought back in September 2015.  It’s been hard work, especially to begin with.  We stripped most of the downstairs back to brick and damp proofed the walls ourselves and then replastered.  New kitchen, new bathroom, new flooring etc etc… the list continues.
Part of renovating the house meant sorting out the front and back garden; now that the summer is upon us we have been trying to begin this job.  I’ve always wanted a garden but having access to a herb garden would just top it all off… so we are growing our own little herb collection.

I love the idea of using fresh herbs from the garden but dried herbs have always been my go to due to the cost and also I’ve never had a garden before!

We started our own little herb garden really cheaply.  We just went to our local pound shop and bought ourselves a pack of small pots, a small 10 l bag of compost and a selection of herb seeds including all of our favorites.  We simply filled each pot with compost and indented three small holes with our little finger into each pot.  Each little indent was filled with 2 or 3 seeds.  Then we gently watered the soil.

It didn’t take long for our first seeds to germinate and we now have a little herb garden (they have now been planted into slightly bigger pots to establish themselves).  Doing it this way will take extra time but it is so cheap and you’ll be able to add even more flavor to your food. And it’s good fun.

The only seeds that haven’t germinated are the mint, so we’ll have to try again some plants are more sensitive to their conditions than others).

See my below before and after pictures. More updates to follow.


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