Experimenting with pasta


Life is one big routine.  You get a full time job, start paying a mortgage, have the same friend group you see every week, have pets you walk or feed at the same time every day. No matter how hard you try you always seem to fall into a routine of some kind.

It becomes the same with our food.  We all end up eating the same cereal every morning, the same ham sandwich for lunch and the same dinner every night.  Most people even know what they have for tea on certain nights; we used to say that cauliflower cheese night was Monday night BUT it doesn’t have to be like this.  We can be creative and get food on the table by 6 pm to feed everyone and do it whilst saving money  (and everything else!).

Pasta is one of these foods that people get stuck in a rut with; I know I did at some stage.  Pasta with tomato pasta sauces, pasta with chicken, pasta with cheese, pasta with pesto.  What about if you throw all of those ingredients together what do you get? Pasta is also my comfort food, its my go to when I’ve had a hard day or I’m feeling like pigging out and I know that so many other people love it like I do.

I want to show you some simple pasta dishes that took me no time at all to create but were comforting and delicious.  Recipes to follow.


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