Did I convert my husband?


Last week we enjoyed a fantastic array of food. How could you claim that eating vegetarian food isn’t exciting and variable? That’s my opinion but what did Ross think.

Firstly, I think that he was surprised.  He suspected lots of vegetable pasta dishes and perhaps a few stuffed peppers? Instead we enjoyed a salad, homemade pasta, a red thai curry, lasagne and an aubergine burger.  All of which were different, healthy and exciting.  Ross analysed each one like a food critic – I believe he rather enjoyed it!!

He enjoyed the thai curry the most last week.  I think he shocked himself when he actually enjoyed the tofu in it – he stood there watching me cooking it with the same sceptical look I see when I cook something he doesn’t like, but it was a success. He liked the texture and the marinade that I used.  The variety of crunch in the sugar snap peas and the softness of the tofu.

The lasagne was also a favourite with Ross. The mixture of vegetables with the vinegar from the roasted peppers was a hit.  For me, the spinach and ricotta topping was really something special.

I think that I have found a new favourite in quinoa which we enjoyed in the feta and quinoa salad.  I’m definitely going to experiment with different ways to serve this.

So did I convert Ross?  Would he give up his steak and chips for a plate of vegetables?  Maybe not just yet but he has learnt that he enjoys this type of food and to let go of his reservations and just eat.  For now, he’s very excited that I bought some chicken for this weeks meals!  If this was just five days of vegetarian food, I wonder how much more you could explore and taste with more time?


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