Quinoa and Feta Cheese salad


This is a delicious salad and it is so easy to make.  The feta cheese really makes it but the addition of the vegetables means that your still getting some of your five a day.  The dressing also adds a lots to this meal.

Quinoa is a ‘health food’ some it’s something that I wanted to incorporate to a week of vegetarian food.  Quinoa has twice the protein content of rice. It is a good source of calcium, magnesium and manganese, B-vitamins , iron, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin E.  I also added the broccoli as this is also high in omega 3, folate, vitamin C, A,K, calcium and fibre. SUPER FOODS.

I served this salad luke warm tonight which worked really well.  I can imagine that this salad would also be tasty for lunch, it would last for a few days in the fridge.  I do think that there is a lot of room for interpretation also, some of the veggies could be chopped and changed to adjust the flavours; for example adding sweet potato or butternut squash?

Serves 4
200 g of Quinoa
2 onions
2 peppers
2 courgettes
3 cloves of garlic
1 lemon
200 g of feta
Olive oil
(Broccoli floret optional)
Slice the onions and peppers and begin to roast them in a tray with oil for 10 minutes.  Whilst this is cooking, slice your courgette into baton shaped pieces and remove the papery skin from your garlic.  Then pop the courgettes and cloves in with your onions and peppers; roast for a further 15 minutes.
In the meantime, gently boil your quinoa (this should take about 15 minutes) and steam your broccoli (obviously after cutting the floret into bite sized pieces) for 4-5 minutes; you could also boil your broccoli if you prefer.
When your roasted vegetables are close to being served grab the cloves of garlic out the oven and squeeze the pup from the skin.  Add this to a small bowl and mix with the zest of the lemon along with its juice and a dash of oil; season this.  Remove the roasted vegetables from the oven.
Plate up the quinoa with the roasted vegetables, broccoli and crumbled feta and drizzle dressing over to taste.



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