Sweet Potato and Goats Cheese Ravioli


Tonight, we had ravioli on the menu.  I have always wanted to make my own pasta and tonight I found out how time consuming it really is, notice I say time consuming and not difficult.  Saying that, it is worth it when you have your finished product.  I’m lucky that I have a pasta machine so I could roll my pasta thin – I can’t really see the end product being so successful with pasta that is too thick.

The combinations in the filling were lovely and adding in pumpkin seeds also gave it that something ‘extra’.  Although I had so much filling left over it was wasted, so next time I know to do considerably less.

The recipe for the filling is very easy, just sweet potato mashed (you could bake or steam etc), enough soft goats cheese to satisfy yourself and sprinkling pumpkin seeds. I would recommend a very small sweet potato for a meal to serve four people.

The pasta was a little more complex.  You need ‘OO’ flour for your pasta.  In a food processor you need to add 300 g of OO flour and 3 large eggs. Blitz this until your mix looks like its beginning to come together in bread crumb pieces, then throw out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for five minutes; then wrap in cling film and chill for 30 minutes.

Now the dough needs to go through the pasta machine.  Not all of the dough will go through at once so separate it in four balls.  Pass the dough through at the thickest setting and then gradually as you pass your pasta through multiple times bring the thickness down to what suits you.  Like I previously mentioned, if you don’t have a pasta machine you can use a rolling pin but try your best to get it really thin.

Using a 6 cm cookie cutter stamp out rounds placing them on a prepared tray or surface with semolina sprinkled lightly over it and then cover with clingfilm as you work, this will ensure that they don’t dry out.  Once you have all of your rounds, place a small teaspoon of filling in the centre of each round, making sure you don’t overfill as it will be messy.  The edges of the rounds should then be dampened with water and then another round should be sandwiched on top.  Squeeze the edges together to seal.

They are then ready to boil gentle in lightly salted water until the pasta is cooked.  Don’t over boil as the ravioli will tear.

This made such a special dinner, but it took us quite a while and I needed a helping hand to be able to roll the pasta and to work at a good speed – I don’t feel like this is something I could manage after work whilst I’m on my own! Next time I attempt pasta it will have to be on a weekend when I can start mid afternoon, I don’t fancy dinner at 9pm!!

Although my hubby claims he hates cheese he ate tonight’s food willingly.  He admitted that the flavour combination (the sweet potato with the goats cheese) really worked for him and made it ‘bearable’ – I think that was a compliment?!  He really enjoyed the addition of the pumpkin seeds despite not being a fan of seeds or nuts.  All in all, I believe tonight was a success.

Does this meal prove to him though that there is diversity in vegetarian food?  Would he have it again? Would he be swayed to never ask me for meat and two veg again?!

I’d also like to add one further comment.

It was good fun to spend some time in the kitchen together, even though it was a lengthy process and was like doing a job together… it felt like a team building exercise but with lots of chatting and laughing.  So if you want to spend some time with your partner, have a go – spend two hours making some ravioli that takes you five minutes to eat!!  It was worth it. ☺



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