End of the Weekend = New Week of Food

Its been a lovely weekend but it’s almost time to go back to work. *sad face*  We started off with a night out with friends on Friday night after work (which I am yet to recover from).  We’ve managed to get a little bit of work done on the house yesterday (we’re renovating our first property).  We have done the weekly shop this morning.

The weekly shop seems to be a bit of a mission at the moment. We began our shop at a budget store, in an attempt to save as much money as possible, but because we needed some non-basic ingredients we had to finish our shop at a bigger supermarket.  Today we needed to find tofu, which meant we had to visit a third shop as our bigger supermarket didn’t have any in stock!  Last week we experienced the same predicament with artichokes!  I hope this isn’t going to become a habit.

Just an observation: you seem to spend an awful lot more on healthy food – which seems a little sad.  I imagine it can’t encourage parents, with a family to feed and not much money, to buy healthier alternatives when it’s  cheaper to have oven chips and pizza for tea every night! I wanted to buy some pine nuts today to go with one of my chosen meals for next week but I had to draw the line at £2.50 for 100g!

This week, as I previously mentioned, I will be trying to sway my husband.  HE WILL LOVE VEGETARIAN FOOD! As we were at our third supermarket trying to find tofu he told me that he had little hope… ‘everything i saw in our trolley today was either something I know I don’t like or something I can imagine I don’t like’.  I will not be discouraged – although I was for a moment… but then proceeded to tell him why he WILL love it all.  That yes, perhaps he may not like goats cheese on its own, but with another flavour he could enjoy it.  If only he allowed himself.  (Poor man).

We are away from Friday night this coming weekend so I have planned five meals for this week as we will be at home.  All vegetarian and all of them delicious (I hope).  I also tried to pay special attention to vitamins and nutrients that a long-term vegetarian would need – I will go into more detail in posts to follow.

Sunday: Sweet Potato and Goats Cheese Ravioli also baking a White Chocolate Cheesecake today

Monday: Quinoa and Feta Salad with Roasted Vegetables 

Tuesday:  Veggie Thai Red Curry (including Tofu)

Wednesday: 5-Veg Lasagne 

Thursday: Halloumi and Aubergine Stack burger with Sweet Potato chips and Courgette Fries

There is such a wide range of variety here, which is what vegetarian food is all about.  Ross has claimed that he wants to do a ‘meat’ menu for me to try and sway me back to loving what he loves!  We’ll see if that ever happens.  Only thing I am sure about regarding that, is that it would be a costly week for food!!

So ravioli is on the menu tonight which I am really looking forward to.  The filling for the ravioli itself looks pretty simple but the combination, I gather, will work like a treat.  I am yet to make pasta well yet so I’m sure it will be exciting to give it a go again.




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