Can I make my husband love vegetarian food?

Me and Ross, my husband, have differences when it comes to food mainly in that he’s a little fussy and I am not.

Firstly, I have to mention that when me and Ross met in the distant past he hadn’t tried a lot of food (he didn’t like cheese!!) and because he hadn’t tried it, he didn’t like it.  Growing up he was fed a steady diet of frozen food.  As the years have passed, I like to think that I have converted him to healthy, exciting foods.  I now watch him eat through a plate of vegetables without any hesitation, where as my friends sit there and list out all of the vegetables they don’t like.  I’m very proud of how much he has changed. BUT….

This brings me on to my point – Ross loves meat. Give Ross a big plate piled high with gammon and a huge smile appears on his face.  I like meat too, but it’s too easy to serve meat and two veg every night and frankly it’s also a bit boring.  I have always said that vegetarian food is more exciting and can vary more.  It’s also a good way to save money – I really notice it in my weekly shop if I buy a couple of bits of meat.  There is so much diversity in vegetarian food but can I prove this to my husband and convert him?!

My plan is to create a menu for next weeks meals that will convert my husband to the point where he doesn’t moan and ask me when I’m meal planning before our weekly shop “can we have something with meat this week?”.

Updates to follow.

Me and Ross at my sisters wedding May 2016 (before he divorces me for force feeding him vegetables)!!

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