Chicken and Chorizo rice pot


I love simple one pot dishes.  You fry up your ingredients, seal your meats and throw into your slow cooker or your pyrex casserole dish and that’s it.  A few hours later (or even sooner) you have a meal that looks like it took a lot of effort but actually its all a big illusion!!

I tried a fantastic recipe for a chicken and chorizo rice dish tonight that I thought I would share:

Its as easy as chopping two onions and crushing a clove of garlic.  Let these soften in a pan, add chopped peppers.  Fry for a few minutes.  Add a glug of white wine and let the alcohol boil off.  Throw in chopped chorizo (small pieces are best rather than massive chunks) and gently fry.  Add chopped chicken to seal before cooking . Add a table spoon of tomato puree and some thyme, if its to hand.  Season.

In the meantime, have a chicken stock ready (about 500ml, can be topped up if more needed) and the amount of rice you want ready (could use paella rice or arborio rice which suits the dish better I think). Preheat oven at roughly 200 degrees.

Once the chicken is sealed add the rice and mix through evenly, then place into a pyrex casserole dish.  Top up with chicken stock until the level of stock is just over the mix.  Cook in the oven with the lid covering until the rice is soft which should be about an hour.

You will have to try this for yourself – its delicious and so easy! My husband couldn’t stop praising it so it must have been a success!


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