Salmon and Broccoli in a white wine and creme fraiche sauce with macaroni


My first post is a simple pasta dish which is easy to make but interesting to eat!  I think that by adding creme fraiche to this, it creates an amazing fresh taste and the white wine adds a bit of luxury.  This is definitely something that can be knocked up quickly after work, which is almost always a bonus.

This meal cost me £4.41 to make for both of us and we had enough leftovers for another person (salmon was bought at a reduced price).

Ingredients (please note – use as little or as much as you like according to your tastes, cooking has no right or wrong!): 

Salmon fillets


Broccoli floret (1 used today)

White wine (any sort, whatever leftovers you have lying around)

Creme Fraiche (half a tub should be enough?)

Macaroni Pasta (100g approx for two people)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Cheese to top (by preference – could also use Stilton cheese which really works)


Begin by preheating your oven at 200c (180c in a fan oven).  Chop all broccoli into suitable chunks, I like to shred it as it combines the mix better; then cook (steam or boil until soft).  Wrap all salmon fillets in foil packages, then placing in a baking tray.  This needs to go into the oven for about 15 minutes until it is a light pink and can be ‘flaked’.

Meanwhile begin to cook your pasta in boiling water.  

Chop your onion(s) and lightly fry until softened.  At that point add a glug of white wine and lightly simmer until the alcohol evaporates.

The salmon should now be cooked and the meat can easily be removed off the skin.  This should now be placed in the pan (it can be flaked up whilst being stirred in) with your onions and the drained broccoli.  Add the creme fraiche and mix.  Season to taste.

Once the macaroni is soft, drain and serve with the salmon and broccoli sauce. Top with a cheese of your choice.

Try this with different pastas, with cream cheese, single cream or yoghurt instead of creme fraiche or with no white wine.


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